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Hazy visions through a crack in the world

Bringing Blogging Back

Well, I guess I knew this would have happened. The blog died immediately after I created it. Probably it will remain that way, but who knows.

For now, I'm just putting together the update process with new versions of Pelican so that I can update the resume page.

Robots and Pelicans

My first snag with Pelican overcome. As any good site creator I wanted to make sure my favicon.ico and robots.txt files were in place. Also I despise seeing the 404 errors pop up as I play around with my site. Pelican doesn't immediately make it obvious how to accomplish this task.

With a little bit of Googling, I found this commit. In my /content folder I created a new folder called 'extra' (though that could have been named anything I figured I would follow the example). There are two files in it:


Then we simply add a line to the Pelican settings file:

FILES_TO_COPY = (('extra/robots.txt', 'robots.txt'), ('extra/favicon.ico', 'favicon.ico'),)

Run a quick make html and we're ready to roll.

First Post!

Time has come for me to crawl out from the rock I'm under and join the early 2000's. I generally try to keep a low profile on the internet, but lately I've started to feel as if I should participate a little more in my interests.

This site will mostly be a dumping ground for the random thoughts I have and projects that I work on. So far I haven't found a great way to keep track of the things that I might want to refer to again. Hopefully this will work and no one else will ever find it.

The blog is powered by Pelican. So far, I have found it fairly easy to get set up. If I run into any snags, this'll be the place I document them.

Here's to trying new things.